New Year, New Gear, More Beer

What a wild ride we had in the last half of 2018! We finally have the taproom open and now we’re starting 2019 off with a huge checklist. The work has only begun, and we are excited to tackle all of the challenges!

Every dollar we collect from our taproom sales and tips is going directly back into the taproom. We’re calling our tips the “new equipment fund” and so far we’ve been able to acquire a lot of things that help us produce better, more consistent beer.

Here is a quick rundown of what we have in the pipeline for the short-term:

  1. Expand fermentation capacity

    We have three 1-barrel conicals and just purchased a 2-barrel conical. The 2-barrel is allowing us to produce double the volume for our current best seller, 198 IPA. We plan to purchase at least two more 2-barrel conicals soon to double the output on other beers that we package and sell to grocery stores.

  2. Cold room expansion

    With an increase in production comes an increase in cold storage space. We are planning on doing some light reworking of our current cold storage to allow for more kegs and packaged products.

  3. Canning

    Canning equipment is ordered and we have done abundant testing to ensure product quality. The only thing left is to get label approval and start transitioning some products to cans.

  4. New merch

    We have short-sleeve shirts and hats, and are working on getting long-sleeve shirts, women’s shirts, and some new glassware to offer for sale.

  5. Expand into bigger beers

    We already provide some pretty heavy-hitting beers with our 7%abv IPA and 7.5%abv stout, but why stop there? With the additional glassware we are ordering, we will be able to offer short-pours of heavier beers that we have in the works.

  6. Open more evenings

    We plan to open at least one extra day during the week. Stay tuned to our social media pages for announcements regarding a change in our hours!

  7. Brew, brew, and brew some more

    We can’t keep this beer in stock! We have been pleasantly surprised with the demand for our beer and are always thankful to everyone that comes to fill up the taproom every weekend! We are brewing as fast as you can drink, and it is definitely keeping us on our toes!

So that’s what we’ve got going on right now. We have a few surprises in the works as well.

We would also like to remind everyone that we are supporters of homebrewers and welcome any homebrewer to contact us regarding ingredients, equipment help, suggestions/ideas, etc. We will do what we can to help out another brewer!


A little over a year later...

It’s been a long road to get to where we are. We started out brewing in a space that was just under 400 square feet.
In that space, we managed to fit our brew system, fermenting room, cold storage, dry storage, and bottling equipment all while maintaining our sanity. We brewed in that small space for close to 4 years and used every inch of space. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, and while we’re still learning every day, the challenge of making that space work has given us confidence in our success.

We’ve completely moved to our new home; 242 Heinlen Street in downtown Lemoore, CA. We have quite a bit more space to brew in, along with a dedicated cold room and an entire upstairs loft to use for dry storage. We can make more beer much more easily, and with the greater storage space, we can create a larger variety of beer.

We took on this building in July 2017 and it took over a year to get the building retrofitted to accommodate a brewery. We had to tear down interior walls and move some plumbing, along with figuring out how to best set up the taproom area.
We built our tables and bar by hand. We’re proud of them, and we hope you like how they look. Along with the wood paneling on the walls, we hope this creates a welcoming, relaxing environment that lets you unwind and enjoy your beer.

While our major construction is complete, we still have a ways to go. We’re already planning on building a second walk-in cold room. We are eyeing at expanding our brewing system. We haven’t outgrown the building, but we already have dreams of expanding. We’ll see what the future holds.

For everyone that has come and had a beer at the taproom during our soft opening phases, we want to thank you. If you’re curious, stop by and say hello. You’ll be greeted by the people that brew the beer and we love to talk about anything beer.